AR Elektrik

We work to provide high quality products, solutions and services that comply with international standards, in all processes, up to the production, transmission, distribution and consumption of the necessary energy, in order to meet the energy needs that have evolved over the years.

ARELPAN – W Drawer Type MCC Panels

Uninterrupted Energy

Quality Production

The production is made by high quality, strong and modular body structures according to TS 3367 EN 60439-1 standarts, considering technical specifications in the project documentation.

Test & Control

Panels are tested according to the related standards and project requirements by our expert team. The results are presented to the related firm with test reports.

Delivery On Time

Orders are delivered according to the delivery dates on the agreement (contract) after material supply, production and testing processes are completed.


AR Elektrik has been founded by a highly experienced team for electromechanical assembly of medium and low voltage electric panels in 1997. Over time, AR Elektrik improved its skills by the help of experiences gained from different sectors and applications.


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